Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Introduction to my writing

A way to get my thoughts out of my head and some sort of form, I've decided to share them as stories on this blog. A blog that most people will not know of. A blog that is purely for my short stories and possible novels for the future. A blog for my writing. A blog for my poetry. A blog for my imaginative, deep thoughts. A blog that doesn't comply to grammar and will continuously have errors here and there. A blog that is personal.

Whoever reads this, I hope you enjoy my imagination. I hope you learn something. I hope my thoughts and stories open up your mind and help you delve deeper into your own imaginations. The heart and soul and mind are all connected. And I believe that imagination only dies if you let it. Some people say that adults lose their imaginations because they want to strip away from the childlikeness that imagination gives them. But I like to feed my imagination by using it more and utilizing the power it gives me. It gives me joy and teaches me far more about life than when I am stressing about the realities of the world. The world itself is a crazy place with not enough people enjoying it. So, I choose to find my joy through my imagination.

So, welcome to my world.


Monday, March 14, 2011


My first entry on this blog.
Japan has just been engulfed by the anger of mother nature. It really saddens me to think about all the suffering that is going on around me. Its hurts to know that all I can do is watch from afar and pray. But prayer saves.
Yesterday at church, when the pastor showed this picture:
My heart just broke. The expression of such sadness on the mothers face, holding her child. It nearly brought tears to my eyes. The tragedy that occured on 3/11 is one that should not be forgotten. The people who see this as a punishment upon Japan, You are wrong. This is truly a devastating time for Japan and the world who has witnessed such a sad event.